The Okanagan's BC VQA Wine Store


Home to more than 700 labels, we have the region's largest selection of BC VQA wines and exceptional giftware to suit every taste. 

Our staff has extensive knowledge of area wines and will share local insights, helping with wine selections for any occasion. Whether you're planning to host a seated dinner or invited friends to pop by for backyard barbecue, we can find a wine that fits your menu.

Touring Okanagan wineries? Visit us for tasting tips before you start your day. Our selection of local cheeses and  gourmet goodies are an ideal addition to Okanagan wine touring. If you missed a bottle, pop in to top up your selections and grab a chilled bottle to take home.

What is BC VQA?

BC VQA stands for "British Columbia Vintners' Quality Alliance". The BC VQA program is an appellation of origin system, similar to the AOC and DOC systems utilized in France and Italy. BC VQA guarantees wine made from 100% BC grapes and ensures wines meet minimum quality requirements. Winery participation is voluntary.